My inspiration originates from the uniqueness of Human existence!

¨ Then, at the moment of creation, I meet you and I feel the unique nature of your existence,

   this originality, the only thing that you alone are and you alone can offer the world!

    So, I devise a distinct language to communicate with you through color and form

          creating a unique piece of work, just for you, honoring your individuality! ¨


[1996] Cultural Center Abstract – Munich
[1998] Cultural Center Diavasi – Athens
[1999] Amsterdam- Rembrandtplein
[2000] Cultural Center Melina Mercoury – Athens
[2002] Art Center Tomi – Tzia
[2006] Birmingham-Bull Ring
[2007] Munich – Marienplatz
[2016] Athens Metro Syntagma
Byzantine & Christian Museum - Athens, Greece

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Music: Max Richter - When she came back