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Η Βασιλική Σοφιανού επανασυστήνει την τέχνη της υφαντικής, αποκαλύπτοντας την ουσία που βρίσκεται στην ένωση

She redefines the art of weaving, revealing the essence

that resides in the joint

You know you are face to face with a true artist thanks to her ethereal thought and her words transporting you to images and feelings which you discover for the first time. After all, that is the point of art, to reveal to us aspects of a reality that goes beyond life’s daily processing.

Vasiliki Sofianou is not only an artist whose works can transport but also one who, using high aesthetics as her vehicle, revives the art of weaving which is considered an indissoluble part of Greek tradition.

As she, herself, puts it, “weaving is not a tradition but a way of life.” 

This is a way of life she encountered very early, having started painting quite young, to soon discover that next to the magic of color, was the substance of the thread. A material intended to join, embrace and connect through the twisting of the yarns.

“In weaving, there are no knots, there are only joints. It is a refined art, in approaching which, one needs to be wholly present to what one is creating. In exchange for this ‘devotion’,

 it rewards you by offering inner peace.”

In Vasiliki Sofianou’s work, through the technique of fiber art, one sees the yarns encircle, embrace and eventually imbue with life objects that were considered useless. She does love this side of objects, highlighting with her art form what is below the surface, the part that is the most essential, narrating its own story.

Thus, in December she will be discussing with Periandros Epitropakis, head of the Exhibitions section of the Byzantine and Christian Museum, a groundbreaking concept for a large solo exhibition of her own, with installations presenting an alternative form to destruction. 

As for the commercial aspect of the art of weaving, this turns on uniqueness insofar as all the objects and accessories designed 

by Vasiliki Sofianou are one-offs, as unique and unrepeatable as human beings are. In her showroom, one can find jewelry, handbags, details that can transform a piece of clothing, pillows, carpets and wall hangings where thread combines harmoniously with wood, metal, stones or other materials, creating works that exude the tranquility of the primary substances. These works are intended for daily living which they can transform both thanks to their high aesthetics and the sense they convey. Moreover, Vasiliki Sofianou collaborates with Zeys+Dione, initiating contemporary fashion in the art form of weaving.


An art form which creates images by working with the depth of objects.